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Resetting a Sleep Number Bed

If your Sleep Number remote displays ERR frequently, then its time to reset the bed. Oddly, the Sleep Number manual does not list the instructions on how to do this, so here they are.

  1. Unplug the pump for at least 10 seconds
  2. Plug the pump back in.  You should hear the pump click a couple of times after plugging it back in.  After this you will have 60 seconds to complete the following instructions.
  3. Wake up the remote by pressing the “R” button.
  4. After pressing “R”, press both the up & down arrow buttons simultaneously and keep them pressed down, after which a countdown should appear going from 10 down to 1.
  5. After the countdown to 1 you should see a “– –” followed by “C1” on the display.
  6. Release the up and down buttons for a second, then push them down again and keep them down.
  7. You will hear the pump click a couple of times followed by a “– –” and then a “1c” code.
  8. At this point both sides of your bed have been reset, and you may now release the up and down arrow buttons.  You are finished.