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eMusic Download Manager for Linux

eMusic DLM 6.03

I am an eMusic subscriber, but I also run Linux Mint 17.1 as my primary desktop operating system. You may be surprised to learn that eMusic actually does have a Linux version of their download manager available, but they have made it darn near impossible to find it and have no instructions how to use it. If you’re looking for this information, then here it is:

First you’ll need the eMusic download manager. You only need one of these:

Open the file with something like Archive Manager. This will extract the emusic-dlm executable. There is no installer or package. Simply extract it and put it into a folder of your choosing. Mine is in $HOME/emusic

Next, you’ll need to download and set a cookie so your browser will know how to interact with emx files. The emx file is what you’ll download when you download a track or an entire album.

Visit http://www.emusic.com/dlm/install/ to set the cookie

Next, buy a track or album. When the “Your Music Is Now Downloading” screen appears, the browser will prompt a download for “0.emx”. When you open it, the OS should prompt you to choose an application to handle it… choose the emusic-dlm executable you extracted earlier. It should start downloading immediately.

Alternate instructions in case you didn’t find the preceding paragraph useful: After downloading the emx file with your browser, right click on it and choose “Open With…” and then choose “Open with another application”. A new window will pop up. At the bottom you’ll see “use a custom command”. Choose that then click the “Browse”. Find the emusic-dlm app and choose that. Your music should begin downloading right away.