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A Beautiful Cat

She was one of the best friends I’ve ever had.  She was loyal, loving, and quite intelligent.  She was my little love, and is pictured on the right.   She was our cat for 15 years.  She had renal tubular acidosis for 6 years, for which we gave her potassium supplements twice a day.  She had chronic renal failure, for which we gave appetite stimulants and subcutaneous fluids daily for almost two years.  What ended her life today was third degree heart block.  She was first diagnosed with heart block back in December 2007, but somehow recovered for 16 months until it came back with a vengeance late last month.  She lost her struggle today.  I shall always miss her in this life.  Rest in peace, Baba.  No more medicine.  No more vets.  No more pain.  Rest in peace.